What it is:

My first attempt at creating a wikispace that will help me, the class, and my colleagues.


Our District has an account with Atomic Learning


Two videos of Ken Robinson, four years apart, worth looking at. The 2006 video is his "Schools Kill Creativity" talk, and the 2010 video is his "Bring On the Revolution" talk.

Two videos from one of my few favorite TV personalities Adam Savage of Mythbuster fame:
From the TED website, this is his talk about one quest leading to another - and the last line is the clincher in this video.

From FORA.tv, this is his presentation at the Maker Faire Bay Area 2009 about failure and what he learned from it

One of my favorite scenes in recent movie lore, and a decent example of how we feel sometimes when we are expected to rise above and beyond.


Our district has an account with Atomic Learning and this is the blog that is associate with it


High Tech Heretic: Relections of a Computer Contrarian by Clifford Stoll is a look at why computers shouldn't be in our schools. Provocative and controversial, but worth looking at. A brief biography for him can be found here.